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The Society welcomes new members in various roles. These include soldiers, musicians and associated civilian roles including camp followers, sutlers and wives that followed the army.


Joining the society costs either a single £15 or family £20 membership yearly fee. However the hobby, like an other, does come with costs in form of buying the right clothing and other equipment. As such we have store of spare clothing and equipment for new starters, this is free for the first event. Afterwhich you will be able to rent equipment per event from the society while purchasing and making the various items of equipment and accoutrements needed. We increasingly try to make these in-house at making sessions throughout the close season.

Generally speaking as a first step, we think the best way to get involved is to meet us at either an event or drill session. Please see our events list of our next event or drill session. 

If you are interested in taking part in a rewarding historical hobby, please contact us through the form on this page and join us at an event or drill session!