We are a small group of living historians as well as members of the 68th Society as a whole.

Although the society’s main aim is to recreate the 68th in 1814, we as a group formed in late 2008, to mark the 250th anniversary of the regiment, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Not wishing our success to be a one off occasion, it was decided by the society to continue working in this period. Our aim being to accurately represent the regiment from around 1758 to 1768, specifically the regiment’s active service during of the seven years war and its home service after the end of hostilities.

We aim to portray the typical redcoat private of the regiment, primarily one of the hat (centre) companies, during this period as accurately as possible. Portraying the life and times of a soldier on active and home service as well as show others affected by the soldier of the period from camp followers through to normal civilians.

Living History?

Although many groups use the term living history to talk about battle re-enactments and drill displays, we as living historians we aim to recreate a scenario from the moment we arrive at a location through to the point we leave. This means eating accurate foods/rations, sleeping in woollen ets, at times under the stars and basically leaving the 21st century behind for 48 hours.

Through not only displaying but also experiencing parts of 18th century life even on a limited scale, we aim to gain not only an insight into the period for ourselves but also feel this helps in furthering our interpretation to the public.

Joining Us!

We are always looking for new members who are interested joining us.

You do not have to be an experienced re-enactor to join. A full living history weekend however does require a certain commitment, enthusiasm as well as willingness to go further than the traditional 9am-5pm re-enactment.

If you are interested in the 18th century, portraying it as accurately as possible or in being involved in a different approach to re-enactment then please contact us .

For more information see the contacts page.