wewantyouThe 13th (Home Defence) Battalion of the Durham Light Infantry is seeking active men of all ages to help us portray an often overlooked part of the British Army in the early days of the Second World War. Namely a reserve unit whose job was to guard strategic points in the UK and thus free up front line troops for war overseas.

We will research and then apply the drill and weapons training given to the British Army in 1939. Our living History Displays will showcase not just the military side of things but how these reserve soldiers fit into the wider social picture of the period and show how these soldiers interacted with the people they were defending.

Because we represent a unit that operated in the UK we have a number of opportunities for families to become involved, either as civilians or as members of the uniformed civil defence organizations.

All we ask is for from any member is a commitment to accuracy and a willingness to learn and develop as new information comes to light.

We attend various shows around the country and for those interested there are opportunities to explore other periods of History represented by the 68th/Durham Light Infantry.

If you are interested then please visit the contact us page.